Horace Milton “Bo” Hallmark

Image of Horace Milton "Bo" Hallmark - Founder of Bo's Barn Dance Hall

There was indeed a “Bo”! His name was Horace Milton “Bo” Hallmark. Bo was the originator and owner of Bo’s Barn from 1981-1997. He passed away in October of 1997.

There are a few stories out there from some of the locals and Bo’s friends about Bo’s Barn. It is said that it was a little strip shop, as you used to see by the many doors on the front. It was once a bingo hall and an indoor archery range as well. One of Bo’s friends told me that Bo said” What do you think about making the building a bar?” His friends all agreed that it might be a good idea. So here we are today.

Bo’s Barn has passed through a few hands since then but it is still a great little dancehall for those that are looking for LIVE country music on the weekends!

Recently due to the I35 expansion we had to move January 2012. We went north about 10 miles off of FM93.

Some say it still feels like the old Bo’s Barn which was our intent and yet you will still get some regulars that still mention the old place and how they miss it. Bo still has his mark on the current place with his picture on the wall to remind everyone where we started.